get to know us... who are these guys?

Dylan Somethingorother and Dex Whatshisname are the life of the party (ending by 9pm, in bed by 10), D_XTER FOREVER. Dyl and Dex have known each other for a couple miles and a few lifetimes, solidifying their impersonations of humans and pouring out neo-80’s-pop smash hit after neo-80’s-pop smash hit — each with its own incandescent, phosphorescent, get-you-dancing-in-a-second type vibe, making it hard to leave, but easy to arrive.

Originating someplace sometime that is neither here nor now, Dex and Dyl (clearly) have no idea what year it is, and thus the music of D_XTER FOREVER proves to be a stouthearted adventure into the past, forging sounds of the future. Their splendiferous kinship dates back to a land before time, and has endured bends in the space time continuum, the subsequent downfall of an interdimentional galactic empire, and the expectations of their parents. (Sorry mom!). Initially blending in with the surrounding humanoids, grinding through the 9-5 work week, and Saturday brunches with the boys, D_XTER FOREVER has finally established themselves as inept in most social situations, yet adept in pouring out neo-80’s-pop smash hit after neo-80’s-pop smash hit. “As we go on, we remember all the times we had together” - Vitamin C

D_XTER FOREVER - lately (Official Video)

D_XTER FOREVER - feel your love (Official Video)